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Cbd is another popular cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plant. Unlike THC, which is another well-known cannabinoid, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects on the users. Instead, it has a lot of medical benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants. Below is a shortlist of how it can be used for skin and overall health.

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Because CBD comes from plants, it’s no surprise that it has powerful antioxidant properties. This is one reason why many people have started buying topical CBD from any online dispensary and including it into their regular skincare routine.

Substances with anti-aging properties have been found in CBD oil. One, CBD contains vitamin A, an organic compound that has beta carotene, retinol, and retinal. In addition, vitamin A in CBD oil may contribute to helping reduce sagging skin, protection from UV damage, and also
help to reduce wrinkles.

Second, CBD oil also contains vitamin E, a known antioxidant for the skin. Vitamin E prevents damage to skin cells, slows down aging, and helps to remove free radicals which exacerbate cell damage.


Research related to acne has firmly established that it is an inflammatory disorder. Although there are many factors that trigger acne, we now know that applying anything on the skin that’s
aimed at reducing inflammation can help the occurrence of breakouts, especially redness associated with acne.

Several studies have shown that CBD oil is an effective anti-inflammatory compound when it is applied to the skin. This makes CBD a suitable component for acne-prone skin, while its calming benefits help reactive skin feel and feel better.

Research also suggests that CBD may have the potential to lower the production of sebum, possibly because it is able to balance the skin’s oil flow. Too much sebum clogs the pores and initiates acne breakout.

But despite all this positive news, many scientists studying the benefits of CBD all agree more conclusive scientific proof is needed to confirm these preliminary results.


Another skin condition that may be addressed using CBD is atopic dermatitis or eczema. This skin condition is characterized by redness, itchy, and cracked skin. The most common treatment for eczema is through the use of a combination of different medications: oral drugs, injections, and topical ointment. But this type of treatment comes with their own side effects.

CBD is an effective treatment alternative for eczema since it targets the symptoms directly without any of the adverse effects. Its anti-inflammatory properties can address the redness and inflammation that many people with eczema experience. It may also help soothe the skin, relieving some of the pain and itchiness one feels.



Insomnia is one of the most frustrating and inefficient health and happiness problems. By increasing the quality of sleep, CBD relaxes the mind and body by creating a lower energy level. This relaxing effect reduces heart rate and clears the mind, resulting in better nighttime rest.

According to the American Sleep Association, the research indicates that the CBD positively affects the body’s receptors to increase a deeper sleep and decrease anxiety and pain, resulting in improved sleep.


CBD may also help with dry and dehydrated skin. It contains fatty acids that protect the skin from moisture loss and also rebalances the flow of skin oil. As mentioned previously, CBD contains vitamin E. This nutrient may help protect cell membranes preventing cell damage while at the same time promoting the healing process.


According to several studies, CBD has the potential to protect us against bacterial infection and combat MRSA (a type of antibiotic-resistant staph infection). A study was done at the University of Urbana, Brazil, in which two groups of lab mice were infected with gum disease.
Subsequently, the researchers gave one group with CBD. The group of mice taking CBD displayed faster healing from the gums disease.

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