6 Tasty Ways to Add Healthy Chia Seeds to Your Diet

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6 Tasty Ways to Add Healthy Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Are you aware of the health benefits of chia seeds? These small white or black seeds are packed with nutrients. Eating chia seeds is an easy way to get more protein, fiber, and nutrients. They also have omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus – all essential for optimum health.

Since they don’t have a strong flavor, it’s easy to incorporate them into many recipes.

Try these tips to add more seeds to your meals:

1. Bake with chia seeds. Seeds are versatile. Experiment with them in cakes, muffins, and cookies. Mix them in the original batters or sprinkle them on top of the finished products. Try different versions to find the one you prefer.

* Consider making a chia seed bread loaf in the oven. For instance, you can crush the seeds in a blender or mixer and add them to the dough. These seeds add protein and fiber to bread and other baked goods.

* Try using seeds instead of poppy seeds in your recipes. They still taste delicious and add a fun crunch.

2. Add chia seeds to puddings. Chia seeds work well in dairy and nondairy versions of puddings. Try blending almond milk with fruit, nuts, and seeds in a blender. Then, freeze the concoction until it is solid, or refrigerate it for a more fluid blend.

* If you prefer to use the seeds as a garnish, sprinkle them on top of puddings. A couple of teaspoons is usually enough.

3. Make water. Chia seed water is an easy and fast way to add more nutrition to your diet.

* It is easy to make water in your kitchen. Soak about half a cup of chia seeds in six cups of water. Wait 20 to 30 minutes. Then, strain out the seeds and drink the water.

4. Try them in cereal. If you’re interested in trying something new for breakfast, make chia seed cereal.

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Image: T Caesar – Pixabay

* First, soak the seeds in dairy, almond, soy, or other milk overnight.

* Add the seeds to a bowl in the morning. They should be softer and plumper. Fill the bowl with more milk. Then, add berries or bananas. Sprinkle with additional nuts or cinnamon and enjoy.

5. Add seeds to a stir fry. Whether you’re making a vegetarian stir fry or one with seafood and meat, seeds are a good addition.

* Simply sprinkle seeds into the pan along with other ingredients. They should get darker and crunchier in the pan as you stir fry your meal.

* Chia seeds can replace sesame seeds in some recipes.

6. Use seeds as a coating or thickener. Instead of breadcrumbs, consider using seeds to coat fish, meat, or other food.

* Grind up chia seeds in a blender, so they are smaller and easier to use. Try to turn them into a powder.

* Spread the powder on top of fish or other meat instead of breadcrumbs. Cook them the same way as you would other breaded products. Just ensure they’re not overcooked and turn black.

* Some recipes require breadcrumbs or other things as thickeners. However, you can use chia seeds to thicken meatballs and burgers. Simply add powdered or ground seeds to the uncooked meat. This can also help save money by reducing the amount of meat you need.

Chia seeds are delicious and healthy. Try these tips and add more chia seeds to your meals at home for easy, tasty additional nutrients.

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