7 breakfast resolutions for the brand new yr

7 breakfast resolutions for the brand new yr 1

When many of us follow such busy dates, breakfast can often be a rash affair if it is not left out altogether. As the most important meal of the day and much needed fuel for your body, it should be taken seriously.

So if you are someone who could benefit from making some healthy changes to your morning routine in the New Year, keep the following breakfast resolutions in mind.

Don't skip it.

Studies on breakfast habits have shown that 1 in 5 people skip breakfast regularly. Sure, it might feel like your morning schedule is messy enough without having to factor in breakfast time, but it's worth it for health reasons. If you skip breakfast, you may have an increased risk of health problems such as type 2 diabetes and migraines. It is therefore in your interest to start the day with a nutritious meal. All you have to do is set your alarm 15 minutes earlier!

Prepare something the night before

Free up your time in the morning by beating up your Brekkie the night before. Dishes such as oats overnight or yogurt and chopped fruits are easy to assemble and store in the fridge overnight so they are ready and waiting for you when you roll out of bed.

Fill in

Not only skipping breakfast or taking away can lead to unhealthy eating habits, but also a grumbling stomach can distract you at work! Avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks in the morning by eating some brekkie filling that will surprise you until noon. You will feel happier and more focused for it.

Exchange coffee for herbal tea

While coffee consumption is okay for you in moderation, many report that they feel sluggish after the caffeine drop has subsided. Even drinking in the morning can affect some people's sleep patterns and quality. English Breakfast Tea, on the other hand, contains only a third of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. In addition, some herbal teas contain minimal traces of caffeine and can offer health benefits such as improved digestion, an improved immune system, stress relief and more.

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Eat something nutritious

It is the most important meal of the day. So make sure your breakfast is nutritious and gives you the energy boost you need. Protein is the ideal option because digestion takes longer and you feel full longer. Combine it with high-fiber foods so that your digestion works optimally. Some healthy breakfast options include whole-grain toast eggs and unsweetened cereals with low-fat yogurt and fruits.

Try something new

If you're not thrilled with your standard breakfast options, try something new. It could be a brand new recipe or just mix things up with a few new ingredients. For example, there are countless ways to enjoy a bowl of oats, from banana and blueberry flavors to figs and honey. If you're feeling experimental, you can even replace quinoa with oats, or replace chia seeds with oats for an additional protein supplement.

Take your time

If you are in a hurry in the morning, it may be tempting to eat your breakfast as soon as possible, but this can lead to indigestion. Instead, chew consciously and take your time to eat. You will enjoy it more and it will be better for your digestion.

Ready for a healthy start to 2020? If you follow these breakfast tips, you are sure to feel more energetic and ready to set the day (and year). A healthy breakfast is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle!

This guest post was written by Kimyen Wan

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Kimyen is a freelance writer and deals with topics related to wellness and lifestyle. She lives in London.

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