Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season

On January 20, the Sun moves into fixed air sign Aquarius, disposing of the excessively genuine, mechanical, down to earth vibes of Capricorn season, and introducing another season that turns your concentration to opening up your heart and your brain to new associations, valuing the uniqueness in others, and communicating your real self proudly!

Aquarius season is one of the most social occasions of the year. Aquarius season is an indication of social circles and friends. Additionally, it’s the most eccentric sign, and Aquarians is unashamed of communicating completely. You’re centered on your companions most of all. You’re beginning to perceive the entirety of your friend’s unique characteristics. You’re understanding that the parts you love most about them are their odd abilities, their habits or hobbies and you’re joining with them. Your friends seeing the entirety of your peculiarities, and showing you that they love those abnormal pieces of you, as well! You’re discovering that everyone is really one-of-a-kind, and understanding the worth that accompanies the uniqueness of every individual you interface with.

Is Aquarius Season! Intelligent and independent? Maybe a bit rebellious and spontaneous? You could be an Aquarius! Show off your air sign loudly and proudly with unique Society6 artwork that you can wear, use in everyday life, or simply admire it on the wall.

aquarius season

I’m Aquarius Tote Bag by helgamalandesign

Aquarius Season 1

Aquarius Serving tray by Helo Birdie

Aquarius Season 2

Aquarius Season Art Print by Mary Thompson Art

Aquarius Season 3

Aquarius iPhone Case by symmetricalwoman

Aquarius Season

Aquarius Zodiac Coaster by the Pairabirds

Aquarius Season

Aquarius poster by arielsinhaha

Aquarius Season

Aquarius stickers by Sander Berg

Aquarius Season

Aquarius Emoji Mini Art Print by Aley Hanson

Aquarius Season

Aquarius Throw Pillow by Lucky Little Queer

Aquarius Season

Aquarius Art Print by Abigail Larson


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