Beauty News – 26 January 2020

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Beauty News – 26 January 2020

Serena Williams nails drew attention to the Australian bush fires

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On Wednesday Serena Williams played her second-round game at the Australian Open 2020 in Melbourne Park. The idolized athlete was ready to sweat and play hard. However, shows respect for the wildlife that was haunted by the tragic Australian bushfires. An enchanting koala bear was painted on one of William’s nails.

This little gesture comes after the top athlete has announced that her entire five-digit ASB Classic win will be donated earlier this month to efforts to fight the bushfire. In addition, Williams and other tennis players recently participated in a fundraiser match in which all proceeds were donated to the tragic events.

The skincare brand Glow Recipe launches a lip product for the first time

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Glow Recipe’s watermelon line is expanded to include a lip product called Watermelon Glow Lip Pop. The lip balm, formulated with acids and vitamins for a moist effect, also serves as an exfoliant and tint. As you can see, coconut blossom sugar granules are embedded in the balsam that physically peels off and peels off when you run your finger over your lips. The secondary scrub that is packed into these lips is hibiscus extract, which is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids to chemically dissolve dead skin cells.

While that’s cool, the source of the color could be the star of the show. Red 27 is a dye with which the color changes because it changes into the desired color after contact with moisture. This advanced method allows the hue to look a little different for each person who wears it. The Watermelon Glow Lip Pop is available now for $ 29 at and will be available in stores starting January 31.

World Cup world champions and newlyweds Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are the latest Bumble and Bumble brand ambassadors

Football champions Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger just got their first deal in the beauty industry. Brand ambassadors for the haircare brand Bumble and Bumble are the Orlando Pride athletes, who got married in December and won the current championship title for the Women’s Soccer World Cup.

Krieger explains that she is known for her “Ali Warrior Bun”, which is firmly withdrawn and extremely important to keep hair away from the face. “It’s nice that we have this identity in the field … through our hair,” she says. The two are not only true supporters of Bumble and Bumble but also see the brand at eye level. “Bumble and Bumble are non-conformist, and so am I,” Harris said in one of the campaign videos. Watch the videos about the brand partnership and buy your favorite products here.

Lush launched a vegan beauty food on the market

This week, Lush released Ultraplant, an ethical, hand-made product that melts dirt and makeup. Thanks to its gentle formulation, this cream cleaner does not take face-off moisture. In accordance with the abundant practices, the list of ingredients is minimal: organic jojoba oil, organic floral water, glycerin, sunflower wax, candelilla wax, and organic agave nectar. Available now in stores and available online from January 31st.

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