how to start a blog

How to start a blog? – It is 2021 already and a lot of people are starting their blogs for various reasons. It seems like COVID-19 has pushed us all to go online, be it for leisure or for making money. Given the easy and quick steps to initiate one,Continue Reading

reasons to start a blog

Introduction Due to pandemic, the year 2020 has proven that anything can happen at any point in time, but the only medium unaffected by such calamities is the blogging yet online earning platform. Actually, blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet and perfect for writing enthusiasts, andContinue Reading

Online Learning During Corona Virus Quarantine 3

Online Learning During Corona Virus Quarantine They tell you that should never waste a good crisis. If you’re locked up during the COVID 19 crisis, use your time. Use online learning during coronavirus quarantine to master something new. Why Learn Online If you work in the area you have chosen,Continue Reading

The Sandwich Generation - 9 Survival Tips 4

The Sandwich Generation Most people have to go through a sandwich generation phase. This period of time between 30, 40 and 50 years can be exhausting if you balance the demands of work, children and aging parents. If you look at the complexity of the increasingly remote, technologically demanding modernContinue Reading

Plan Your Career Path

How to Plan Your Best Career Path It doesn’t matter whether you decide on your best career path in the course of your studies or think about a career change later. A good decision can significantly improve your income, your personal satisfaction, and your future prospects. Of course, you canContinue Reading

Home Safety for Digital Age

Home Safety Ideas for the Digital Age Once upon a time, home security was more focused on community initiatives like a neighborhood watch team. Now technology has fundamentally changed and digitized the way security is viewed at home. There are countless gadgets and tools available to help you make yourContinue Reading