Explore Peru from Home for an Amazing Experience

Explore Peru from Home for an Amazing Experience 3

As lockdown facilitates for a large number of us and we begin to consider getting back out in 2021, we’re taking you on an easy armchair experience with a virtual voyage through Peru!

Try before you purchase with virtual outings to Machu Picchu, Lima road craftsmanship visits, and 360° historical center visits. Besides, in light of the fact that we like to mix things, a Pisco Sour mixed drink making class.

Climb Machu Picchu

Counterfeit it until you make it. All the perspectives with no of the thigh consume or four-day sock odor, investigate the antiquated city of Machu Picchu with this interactive tour. (We’re kidding about the Inca Trail, it’s epic. Ensure you plan ahead and add the genuine thing to your 2021 departure plan).

Go beyond the icons

When mentioned about Peru, numerous individuals hop directly to Machu Picchu (not actually, it’s a significant long climb). Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the Amazon Jungle? Or on the other hand, this desert oasis close to Ica? Plan your ideal Peru agenda with this overview of things to do in Peru that AREN’T Machu Picchu.

Explore Peru from Home for an Amazing Experience 4

Watch or read this

No excursion to Latin America (genuine or virtual) would be finished without watching or reading The Motorcycle Diaries. Archiving Che Guevara’s excursion over the landmass, it’s his outing through Peru and to Machu Picchu that is a defining moment in his way to transformation.

… while drinking this

As you’d anticipate from a mixed drink containing a knead grape cognac alcohol and egg white, the origination of Peru’s national drink is somewhat foggy. Be that as it may, the taste is astounding. Blend things up with this fast Pisco Sour cocktail class from our companions over at Contiki.

Glass of pisco sour in front of scenic plaza in Peru

Do a street art tour

Walls of most South American urban areas are well known for their artistry, color, and storytelling. Lima is no exemption. The primary Latin American Street Art Festival was held in Lima in 2012 and transformed the roads of Miraflores toward a canvas for 30 street entertainers from over the continent.

Have a night in

… the museum. Peru has a captivating blend of culture, with traditions and customs acquired from their Inca legacy, blended in with Spanish, Chinese, and African settlers and influences. With the civility of Peru’s Ministry of Culture, you can now take 360° trips around 20 significant museums.

Watch this video

Welcome to the panpipes! Part of National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase, this six-minute film takes you from the statures of the Andes down to the float islands of Lake Titicaca. Furthermore, there’s a great alpaca floppy-periphery in-a-wind-machine second at 2:47 mins.

Group of llamas

Ready for the reality? Call for a chat or visit Peru’s destination guide. We’re WFH and are available for 2021 excursion arranging and digital hugs.

In case you’re considering going in 2020 or 2021, ensure you look at our recommendation about traveling around COVID-19 here.

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