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Eyelash Curler: Tips for the perfect look

Eyelash curler is a simple makeup tool, which can give you a beautiful and seductive look. It’s very easy to use it but of course, you’ll have to use it prudent and correct if you don’t want to destroy your lashes.

To use it correctly, you have to clean your lashes from mascara and let them dry thoroughly. Be careful not to apply the mascara first because the lashes will harden and will be vulnerable to breakage.

Open the curler and warm it with the hairdryer (15-20 seconds) to achieve better results (only if it’s not heated). Watch out the curler must be warm, not hot. If it burns too much it may hurt and burn your eyelashes and eyelid.

Then stand straight with the mirror, apply the curler 1-2 mm outside the roots and close it. Pressure for a few seconds (7-10 is enough).

When you finish and you have the desired curve, you can apply two layers of mascara. The result will be dazzling. Your eyelashes will look long, filthy and perfect.

Cleaning and maintenance

The pads provided with the tool should be replaced as soon as you notice that they have changed color, they have cracked or hardened.

Like all makeup tools, that’s also needs cleaning. With its use, it accumulates in the cushion and its skeleton, bacteria and dead skin cells, which are then transferred to your eyelashes, mascara, and eyes. This may even cause infections. It is advisable to wash it with a little alcohol at least once a week if you use it daily. The ideal course is to pass it with alcohol-impregnated cotton before each use.

You can find cheap curlers from small companies as well as cost-effective. You can get some ideas below.

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