Five Two Essential Cookware – Best Cooking by Food52


Five Two Essential Cookware by Food52

In the age of Instagram, there is no lack of wonderful, profoundly photogenic items that disturb any industry: luggage, glasses, razors, vitamins, pet nourishments, toothbrushes, alcohol, mattresses, – the list continues forever to the consumer world. But the end-users of this system, the consumers, are starting.

Everything that glitters is not always gold and an Instagram-able aesthetic does not always mean longevity or improved functionality. The previous unquestionably doesn’t outperform the last mentioned, regardless of how great your product looks. If it doesn’t work, aesthetics is a contentious issue.

When Food52 set out to launch their new Five Two Essential cookware, they knew they should do better. Instead of focusing on selling a product to their community, they turned to the company to gather feedback and viewpoints that were important to the everyday chef, not the Michelin-starred chef or YouTube -Cooking guru.

The cookware line impresses with its clear, minimalist design. Features such as three-layer stainless steel, glass lid with built-in sieves, interior markings, anti-yellowing technology, rivet-free design, non-slip and cool handles, and advanced non-toxic non-stick materials have been carefully regarded as indispensable. Cookware lives up to its name.

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We needed to become familiar with the Food52 configuration process and the thinking behind the Five Two Essential Cookware, so we conversed with Kristina Wasserman, chief of Five Two, to get the inside information.

What makes cookware good?

This is different for every cook – some people particularly value simple cleaning; some durability, heat storage, even heating, comfortable handles, weight or price, etc. We know that. We know that cookware (or actually any cooking tool) is extremely personal and should work well.

Our goal with our Five Two-line was to bring together as many of these values as possible. It may seem simple, but it’s actually not so common for a coherent collection to offer a variety of benefits – you often have to compromise.

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What makes it better (and why)?

Beyond the features that make a real difference when cooking (thicker/stable bottoms, non-toxic ceramic non-stick coating with superior tanning abilities) or something that is more pleasant/user-friendly for the eye (ergonomic/cool handles, glass lid) For an easy Longevity is often overlooked by the display, measurement markings, and stressful covers.

For instance, over 70% of the cookware market in the United States is non-stick cookware. Also, you will see that a lot of direct-to-consumer brands know this and depend on this sales potential. We see these kinds of deals on our own site, however, intentionally decided to put our name on something that we know doesn’t maximize its lifespan to five years (which is the case with any nonstick, regardless of quality). Nonstick is a great tool, but it shouldn’t be your entire arsenal.

We have non-stick pans as a tool for the individuals who want it (and most do!), But our whole Five Two assortment is based on stainless steel parts. They are extremely robust and durable. Good design that doesn’t last is just not a great design. I also believe that this applies to aesthetics. An Instagram-worthy design may be cute right now, but will it fit the lifestyle in 10 years? Has aesthetics been put above function in your design process? I think about it a lot. You need incredible or eye-getting style, yet it can’t cost you usefulness, sturdiness, or be the main thing you can offer your customer.

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What role do research and design play in this?

Research plays a HUGE role in every design. I talk about this constantly and drive myself and my group every day. The entire design process is increasingly complicated and brimming with alters of direction in the event that you don’t go with a reasonable strategy and vision. A strong POV is only strengthened by research and deep knowledge of the materials and categories in which you work.

Understanding what’s out there, what has been done previously, and at what cost, regardless of whether it’s totally unique in relation to your idea, brings strength. At Food52, we added community feedback to our research so that not only did we know our category well, we also knew the needs of our consumers and were inspired by their ideas.

Regarding cookware, I’m lucky enough to have been a buyer who has focused on this category for about eight years. It is a category that I have dealt with for much of my career. When I develop in other categories, especially outside of the kitchen, my research is all the more important. You must have a deep understanding of each product, which will take some time to develop. Fortunately, it is also one of the most fun parts of the development and design process.

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Learn more and buy the new Food52 Essential Cookware collection here.

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