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How Curtains Can Change The Look Of Your House

how curtains can change the look of your house

Everyone knows the need to hang a curtain, it is primarily for privacy and shade, but surprisingly enough, Curtains can change the whole look of a room. On certain occasions, curtains are put up for decorative purposes as they add a tremendous amount of chicness to a place.

And a tip, no matter what your aesthetics maybe, a good set of curtains can make a room look more polished and put together even if it’s less furnished and foster a great feeling. Interior designer Julia Diamond says, “Curtains set the mood and attitude, and the right ones give a room a finished, tailored look.”

So as the importance of curtains has been established, let’s see how curtains can change the look of your house/room.

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1. Makes a room look Taller

Curtains can make a room look taller by creating an illusion of higher roofs. Instead of putting up curtains on eye-level, it is advised to put them a bit higher over the window frame to achieve this look. A high-hung curtain drapes beautifully and can bring the eye upward, creating an illusion of a taller room.

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2. Makes a room look Spacious

Like the previous point, extending curtains past window frames creates an illusion of large windows, and large windows are automatically associated with a bigger room. And if the room is styled exquisitely, the placing of the furniture can add to this illusion even more.

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3. Improves Sound in the room

Do you know that Curtains can reduce echo in a room? Curtains can help with the acoustics in a room; unlike on bare walls, sound cannot bounce off of curtains, which makes the room feel less cacophonous and can even eliminate it altogether. So for better sound, curtains are essential.

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