how curtains can change the look of your house
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How Curtains Can Change The Look Of Your House

Everyone knows the need to hang a curtain, it is primarily for privacy and shade, but surprisingly enough, Curtains can change the whole look of a room. On certain occasions, curtains are put up for decorative purposes as they add a tremendous amount of chicness to a place.

And a tip, no matter what your aesthetics maybe, a good set of curtains can make a room look more polished and put together even if it’s less furnished and foster a great feeling. Interior designer Julia Diamond says, “Curtains set the mood and attitude, and the right ones give a room a finished, tailored look.”

So as the importance of curtains has been established, let’s see how curtains can change the look of your house/room.

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1. Makes a room look Taller

Curtains can make a room look taller by creating an illusion of higher roofs. Instead of putting up curtains on eye-level, it is advised to put them a bit higher over the window frame to achieve this look. A high-hung curtain drapes beautifully and can bring the eye upward, creating an illusion of a taller room.

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2. Makes a room look Spacious

Like the previous point, extending curtains past window frames creates an illusion of large windows, and large windows are automatically associated with a bigger room. And if the room is styled exquisitely, the placing of the furniture can add to this illusion even more.

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3. Improves Sound in the room

Do you know that Curtains can reduce echo in a room? Curtains can help with the acoustics in a room; unlike on bare walls, sound cannot bounce off of curtains, which makes the room feel less cacophonous and can even eliminate it altogether. So for better sound, curtains are essential.

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4. Makes the room feel different

Revamp a room on a budget by just switching the curtains and rearrange the furniture, and it will leave your space feeling new with a different aura. This is because curtains can change the ambiance; they can set a mood for a room.

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curtains for living room

Like rich fabrics can make a room feel more formal, a heavier insulated curtain can prevent a cold breeze to enter and gives a room warmer feel and look. Switching to a spunky color curtain can add character to your room without needing to make changes.

5. Important for Outdoors

It is rather sad that people are unaware of what curtains can do for their outer space. They can actually transform an outdoor space into any feel you want. They can make your whole house (indoor and outdoor) to feel more cohesive.

In fact, they serve as a decorative element and provide privacy from neighbors as well, creating your own enclosed space outside.

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We give such less credit to curtains and, at times, completely roll them out, but the texture, the color, the weight, and the length of the curtain can revamp your room on a budget. They can make a room look and feel different and add so much character while serving all the necessary features of privacy and shade.

Okay, people now you know how curtains can change the look of your house/room, so don’t compromise on it anymore. Just switch them to bring change!


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