How To Start A Blog in 2021?

how to start a blog

How to start a blog? – It is 2021 already and a lot of people are starting their blogs for various reasons. It seems like COVID-19 has pushed us all to go online, be it for leisure or for making money. Given the easy and quick steps to initiate one, every one of us wants to own our blogs where we can jot down our thoughts or simply sell the products we are good marketing at.

But what an overwhelming majority does not know is the right procedure for initiating a blog. Hence, they end up regretting and quitting it in the end wasting all the money and hours they spent on starting it. Thus, to help you avoid that road of misery and waste, we thought to list the most essential things you need to know before you start your blog.

Let’s start unwrapping now!

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How to Start a Blog

1- Pick your niche wisely

When we’re in a rush and excited to lay our hands on our blog immediately, we often tend to ignore the intricacies involved. You can’t just make a blog and decide your niche later. No! Your niche has to be carefully selected as per your taste and talents first and then you can go get yourself a blog.

how to start a blog
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This way, it would be a lot easier and practical for you to work on your favorite niche easily. And you can start earning from it in a matter of no time! But just shooting your luck in the air without any target can lead you to a bad failure.

2- Spend some time in finding the right domain and hosting

Yet again, we’d argue that you do your research before opting for a domain and hosting services. You’d find a plethora of options available for your domain name but you have to select the one which matches your best interests. Your domain name should be unique and represent your niche well.

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Remember, the wrong hosting can ruin your entire blogging career. While a lot of bloggers may be using Tumblr or, we’d, nevertheless, recommend you to go for for the diversity and flexibility in the options. Plus, so far, WordPress has been the best platform for blogging.

3- Add some blogging plugins

If you are serious about making your blog, we are sure by now you already have acquainted with the term SEO. With the built-in plugins of WordPress, you can track the traffic of your blog and analyze your content.

For this purpose, go to WordPress Dashboard and from there, jump to Plugins > Add New and here you’d have an option of Yoast SEO which is the standard of WordPress. It will help you track the details of your blog SEO wise.

You can maximize your traffic through Yoast SEO if you keep following the guidelines.

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4- Last but not least; great content is the king

So by now, you are well-acquainted with the basics of starting a blog. Let’s reveal the last yet equally significant point here which is, content.

Without writing compelling, and eye-catching content, you cannot push people to keep revisiting your blog even with all the above-mentioned things. Remember, content is the real king in the game of blogging.

Write unique stuff with some appealing tricks. Add relevant pictures and videos in between the paragraphs to engage your readers. Don’t forget to mention the sources of the pictures you took from. Skipping this can get you in trouble.

5- Stay steady and updated

We’re sure you’ve heard that slow and steady wins the race. Regardless of how fancy of a blog you’ve built or what plugins and hosting you have, if you are not constant with uploading content on your blog, chances are, you may lose the game.

how to start a blog
Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

So the key is to stay updated and keep your viewers engaged with a daily dose of entertainment. And that’s pretty much it guys!

There are also some tools to help you succeed on your online journey. Sign up to download your free copy!

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