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Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle

Futurist Amy Karle Unlocks the Potential of Humanity’s Future

Artist Amy Karle – one of the most influential women in today’s 3D printing industry and one of the BBC’s 100 women – wants to introduce us to an old friend named “Hatcher”, a 66 million-year-old triceratops skeleton in the National Museum of Natural History, the first “digital dinosaur” to write history.

The introduction over the centuries has been made possible by the HP 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Organization and HP Labs. Karle used 3D scan data of a fossilized triceratops skeleton from the Smithsonian Digitalization Office as the basis for a series of works of art, each of which should imagine novel forms based on extinct species, to investigate “hypothetical developments through technological regeneration”.

Humanity’s Future

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 1

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 2

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 3

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 4

The resulting work – Morphologies of Resurrection – is depicted in six finely detailed skeletal sculptures. The collection displayed under glass is reminiscent of the golden era of natural history museums (and perhaps the age of the cabinet of curiosities), “specimens and relics” that examine the relationship between structures that once served creatures of past eons to apply them for the future find shapes using their framework of stability, flexibility, and strength.

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 5

Karle brought her menagerie of exploratory 3D printed morphologies to life with HP Jet Fusion 5200 and 580 printing systems.

I love the research and development that 3D printing offers: a new way of thinking, a new way of reshaping what we create, and a completely new approach to expression in which digital, physical and biological systems are interwoven. HP 3D Printing enables me to bring this vision to life by opening up new artistic opportunities that were previously unattainable.

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 6

Humanity’s Future by The futurist Amy Karle 7

In addition, Karle created three more 3D sculptures made of biocompatible polyamide, a trio of hatcher sculptures by Hatcher, which were designed in different shapes, which are finely detailed in cell and scaffold patterns and each unique in gold, copper, and Silver iterations are painted. As such, one can consider Karle’s sculptures from Deep Time and The Far Future as Triceratops v2.0.


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