Lucky Bamboo – Plants for Luck & Wealth

lucky bamboo

If you would like to put on your desk beautiful interior plants that need a minimum of care then the lucky bamboo will be specifically what you’re trying to find. Despite the name, Lucky Bamboos are not bamboo at all, they just look like ones.


They caring necessities are minimal: all you need to do is provide them with regular cleaning, change the water from their recipient weekly, lots of light but without direct sunlight. You don’t need to reproduce them. Monthly the plant is to be removed from its pot, washed under a water jet – the roots also – and placed back in the pot after it has been itself washed and the water replaced.


The plant has a green segmented body of about half-inch width that normally growth vertically and produces one or more additional ramifications with leaves. The body shall be cut at the desired height and sealed with wax, just above one of the ramifications. This will stop the growth and will be good for the development of ramifications.


         By manipulating the light, the lucky bamboos can be determined to grow in a spiral.


In the orient, lucky bamboos already tend to exchange flower bouquets. This is because they are also kept in water recipients but their life is long and they keep their decorative aspect for a long time.


Lucky bamboos are offered separated or in special arrangements. The number and the dimension of the plants in the arrangement are not left to hazard because there are precise significations for each type of arrangement.


         The meanings of the number of stairs the plants form:


–       three stairs bring happiness, health, and a long life


–       five stairs stimulate the 5th elements of life


–       six stairs bring health


–       eight stairs bring development and prosperity


–       ten stairs symbolize perfection and fulfillment


–  twenty-one stairs bring a powerful blessing


         So if you want to get them just for you, at home or at the office, or if you want to make a meaningful present, lucky bamboos are a good option. Everyone loves them and they are better than some flowers that will die in a few days. Lucky bamboos last out for months and are easy to please.


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Lucky Bamboo - Plants for Luck & Wealth 1

Medium Lucky Bamboo Flower Braid in 4.5 in. Samba Horizontal Purple Ceramic



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Double Lucky Bamboo



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Lucky Bamboo – Deluxe


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