Rice | How to Cook with 7 Different Tasty Ways


Rice should be altogether washed. A decent method to do this is to place it into a colander, in a profound dish of water. Rub it well with the hands, lifting the colander in and out the water, and changing the water until it is clear; at that point channel. Thusly, the coarseness is kept in the water, and the rice left altogether spotless.

The best strategy for cooking it is by steaming it. Whenever bubbled in a lot of water, it loses a part of its effectively little level of nitrogenous components. It requires significantly less time for cooking than any of the different grains. Like all the dried grains and seeds, rice grows in cooking to a few times its unique mass. At the point when cooked, each grain ought to be isolated and unmistakable, yet consummately delicate. 


Soak a cup of rice in one and a fourth cups of water for an hour, then add a cup of milk, put in a dish suitable container to serve a table, and a steam cooker or a boat vapor coated with a kettle of hot water and steam for one hour. It ought to be mixed with a fork at times, for the initial ten or fifteen minutes.

Porridge (Japanese method)

Thoroughly clean the rice by washing in several glasses of water, and soak overnight. In the morning, drain and cook in an equal amount of boiling water, that is, a pint of water to a pint of rice. For cooking, a pot with a tight-fitting lid must be used. Heat the water to boiling, then add the rice, and after stirring, put on the lid, which is still to be removed during boiling.

First, as the water boils, the steam freely swell under the cover, but when the water has almost evaporated will be eight to ten minutes, depending on the age and quality of rice, only a suggestion low to be observed steam and the pot must be removed from the fire to a location on the beach, where it won’t consume, to expand and dry for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Rice to boil ordinary manner requires two quarts of boiling water for a cup of rice. It should boil rapidly until tender, then drained at once, and set in a moderate oven to become dry. Picking and slightly up from time to time with a fork will more flaky and dry. Care must be taken, however, not to crush the grains.

with fig sauce

Steaming cup of best rice as directed above, and when done, serve with a fig sauce. Dish a spoonful of fig sauce with each saucer of rice, and serve with lots of cream. The rice served in this way requires no sugar for dressing, and is the dish of healthy breakfast.

with orange

Wash and steam the rice. Prepare oranges by separating into sections and each cut section into two halves, removing the seeds and the white part. Sprinkle the oranges lightly with sugar and let stand while the food is cooking. Serve a portion of the orange on each Saucerful rice.

with raisins

Wash one cup of rice, soak and cook as indicated for steamed. After began to swell, but before it has softened, stir lightly with a fork for this purpose, a cup of raisins. Serve with cream.

with peaches

Steam the rice and when done, serve with cream and peach pared well matured and sliced on each individual dish.


Spread a cup of rice on a shallow baking dish and put it in a moderately hot oven to brown. It must be shaken frequently to prevent burning and to ensure uniformity of color. Each kernel, when sufficiently browned, should be of a yellowish-brown, the color of ripe wheat. At the same steam as indicated for ordinary, using only two cups of water for every cup of rice browned, and omitting the preliminary soaking. When appropriately cooked, every part will be isolated, dry, and coarse. Prepared in this way is undoubtedly more digestible than when cooked without browning.

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