Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie rolls to the guts of CES 2020

Samsung Ballie rolls to the guts of CES 2020

Samsung‘s annual CES booth impresses again and again with its size and the wide range of technologies presented by the Korean technology giant. No other picture emerged in 2020. The large crowd attracted the show’s main hall because it promised to spy on the company’s next generation of 8K TVs with almost nonexistent frames, the future of household AI, and smart home appliances designed to connect them Points between traditionally different devices. According to our observation this year on the exhibition space, the real fan favorite was one of Samsung’s smallest designs: Ballie.

The grapefruit-sized Ballie is an example of Samsung’s efforts to integrate robotics into everyday family life. He is a robot enhanced with artificial intelligence and equipped with a camera that follows voice commands and accompanies the residents of the house with the same attentive loyalty as the favorite balls of all droid.

Announced as an example of robotic “life companions”, Ballie’s main function at the moment seems to be the ability to autonomously navigate through the floors and respond to voice commands – skills that we have observed with adequate skill in quantity/volume CES. Samsung CEO H.S. Kim describes Ballie as a robot who “supports you and responds to your needs to actively help around the house” and essentially works as both a pet and a butler.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie rolls to the guts of CES 2020 1

Ballie’s real capabilities are all hypothetical at first, but it’s easy to imagine this rolling little friend being used in households to check in with children, pets, or the elderly. Or as a rolling security monitor when you’re away from home, like your own BB-8 droid. Ballie is also said to act as a mobile remote control for smart home functions. At CES, it was shown that it reacts to changes in the home environment and activates another internet-enabled air cleaning robot.

Samsung Ballie rolls to the guts of CES 2020 2

Samsung is still the mother of the future/availability of Ballie but has already won over the hearts and interests of the CES participants after everything that concerns the CES participants.

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