Shopping In Malaysia | Get Reductions From Ecommerce Platforms

Shopping in Malaysia

Shopping in Malaysia – Find out how to Get Reductions From four of Malaysia’s Finest Ecommerce Platforms

I remember the first time I bought something from eBay about 10 years ago – a pair of used Beats headphones. It was nerve-wracking, but when it got there, I was more than overjoyed. I had my first experience with online shopping and couldn’t get enough of it.

According to iPrice statistics, I am not the only Malaysian in this boat. The number of Malaysians who actively shop online is increasing and our baskets are getting bigger.

Many of us are just trying to get a better deal. This post highlights how Standard Chartered Bank’s credit cards help users get special daily discounts on 4 of the top 10 e-commerce platforms in Malaysia.


At number 1 on the throne, Shopee tops the list of monthly visits for the third quarter of 2019.

Shopee is most likely at the top by offering lots of sales that are aimed at different people. I even got a couple of Type C USB cables for just 1.99 RM per cable.

Even on these special days, some articles are reduced even further.

To search for these deep discounts, check out the Shocking Sale section of the website. There are a few tabs within the shocking sale that you have to go through. For example, you can check the top offers or even search for items with free shipping.

You can also use promo code SCBMON on Mondays to purchase RM15 from your minimum purchase of RM150 (you must use the Standard Chartered Bank Mastercard).


Shopping In Malaysia | Get Reductions From Ecommerce Platforms 1

Lelong is the third-largest e-commerce retailer on the list. They are also number 10 on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In the third quarter of 2019, they still managed to record around 2.2 million web visits.

On Lelong, I could even buy a horned snail for my aquarium, which shows that there is a variety for them. I would be a little worried about shipping, but the seller said exactly that the snail will be packed in a foam can with ice gel.

Lelong also offers other products, including electronic vouchers that can be used in restaurants and even hotels.

For cheaper sales, you can also contact Lelong’s Flash Sale to get better deals on the website.

Use the promo code SCBSAT on Saturdays to get an RM20 discount off your RM150 minimum purchase.


Shopping In Malaysia | Get Reductions From Ecommerce Platforms 2

The next on the list is Zalora in 4th place. Zalora’s online presence is not to be scoffed at. They have a good number of followers on social media, on Facebook alone there are around 7.7 million.

As you may know, Zalora is one of the top addresses for clothing because it offers many brands, including Adidas and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

They also have a part dedicated to sales, mainly from their outlets. For example, the Topman pants above: The original price is RM259, which will be deducted from RM129.5. You can even get additional discounts if you check out with a Standard Chartered Bank credit card.

Use the promotion code SCZ25 on Wednesdays for 25% off your total purchase .


Shopping In Malaysia | Get Reductions From Ecommerce Platforms 3

For the confused, PrestoMall was previously known as 11street. No wonder they are in the top 10. With 8th place, PrestoMall seems to be extremely active on Twitter and has 43,000 followers on the platform.

Personally, I find the PrestoMall categories pretty intuitive. If you want to buy Korean goods, just search for Korean. There you will find a wide selection of Korean delicacies to look at – from makeup to snacks to clothing.

Simply check out with a Standard Chartered Credit Card and you will receive RM15 discount with a minimum purchase of RM150 on Thursdays.


Superbuy is also on the list, but is below in terms of monthly visits. At 33 out of 50, the website also offers some discounts for a large number of items. They even have luxury items like carriage bags worth RM 1,200 on offer.

Use the promo code SCBSUN on Sunday to get 20 RM from a minimum purchase price of 150 RM.

Other days

On other days when you don’t get discounts from these popular websites, you can visit websites like HappyFresh on Fridays to get RM18 from your grocery shopping on the website. With that in mind, you’d probably have to drive your groceries to the store less to get them straight to your home.

You can also get rebates on RebateMango vouchers if you plan to travel soon. You can get up to 6% cashback on AccorHotels and 3.6% cashback when shopping at Watsons.

To ensure that you are eligible for all of these offers, read a Standard Chartered Bank credit card.

For more information on the deals and how to use them, see the following table:

This article is sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank. There are a limited number of coupon codes available that can be used in one day. So make sure you have them in your shopping cart early and check them on the appropriate days. For more information, click the link from the Standard Chartered Bank here .

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