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solar power

Solar Power – Why we should use it

Solar Power is the energy that is derived from the sun. Our sun is a plentiful source of vitality; it radiates warmth and light. Several cultures of the past and even a few cultures of today are honoring the sun. The ancient Egyptians even worshiped the sun as a God. Since the sun is certainly an abundant and limitless source of power, this respect was not misplaced. The merits of using its solar energy are numerous for several generations to come.

Solar Power it’s free

Every morning with each dawn, the sun releases solar energy, providing light and helping to radiate heat. Although this happening for millions of years only recently we begun to capitalize on this source of almost infinite power. In the past, the Greeks and the Egyptians concentrated on its radiation and harnessed its power to heat whatever they wished.

It’s non-polluting

The vitality from the sun is spotless and free of any pollutants. Other sources of energy like petroleum or organic fuels leave back residues and harmful gases when utilized to create energy.

Extremely reliable

The sun burns for the past 4,5 billion years and will burn for the next 4-5 billion years. That’s definitely more than our lifetime and certainly more than several generations of the future. Each morning it immediately appears and vanishes for the night while it illuminates another segment of the globe. You can harness the energy of the sun to either store it away or utilize its energy differently.

Is Limitless

There is no confinement on how much vitality we can use from the sun. Obviously, the amount of vitality that originates from the sun at regular intervals if effectively harnessed can power the whole United States of America for an entire year. In case we were able to harness the gigantic vitality of the sun, we would be able to take care of the considerable number of world’s energy problems.


Ever wonder why nobody thought about this before? How come if there’s so much energy just lying around, we simply cannot harness it efficiently? Why does so much of the solar energy go totally unnoticed and ultimately wasted? Indeed, one reason that this brilliant power reserve is commonly wasted is the fact that the daylight that we really get is so thinly dissipated across the earth to be able to contribute substantially enough if we try to harness it. For us to have the option to really harness the intensity of the sun we must have the option to control, center and store the sun’s vitality. While this may seem simple it is easier said than done.

The Reflection Method Mirrors / Parabola

The reflection method is due to the concentration of the sun’s beams through one or more mirrors onto one point and afterward using the concentrated heat energy that is produced for out need. A parabolic mirror much like a dish antenna can capture the sun’s rays and focus them on a single point.

The radiation method

This is the principle behind solar water heaters. Painted black tubes positioned between two layers of glass have water inside them that is heated by the rays of the sun.

Solar panels

A more recent invention of the solar cell is composed of treated silicon crystals. When these crystals hit by the rays of the sun they knock electrons out of their orbits. Thereby creating a void that gets filled by electrons from the other silicon crystals, which creates an imbalance of electrons. Hence a flow of current can be either immediately utilized or else stored away in a rechargeable battery.

What’s stopping us?

Despite the apparent benefits of using solar energy, it is most unfortunate that there are very few solar plants around the world. Unfortunately, with the present degree of technology, cost and reliability are two important factors that still obstacles to the way solar energy is widely used.

The most efficient solar cells are still not capable of generating enough power to be commercially viable without occupying huge surface areas. Furthermore, reliance exclusively on solar cells is not yet practical, for if there were a cloudy day it could reduce the amount of electricity and that would be disastrous for people reliant on that energy.

However, constant innovation and research on solar energy are resulting in more efficient solar cells that are a fraction of the size of existing cells and churn out much more power.
May they are still expensive, but soon they will be affordable and available to the common man.


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