Sunglasses are necessary to protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunglass lens is made of either glass or plastic and it comes in a variety of styles like wraps, shields, aviators and clip-on. We all know that the right pair of sunglasses can add instant glamour and chic to any look. Here is a guide to choosing the right style of sunglasses to make you look great.

It is important that you choose sunglasses based on the shape of your face. Select a pair that is opposite its shape. If you have a round face don’t select round glasses because it would make your face look fuller. Sunglasses in geometric shapes, ovals, shields, wraps and angular frames would suit anybody with a round face. You should choose frames that would make your face look thinner.

Round frames would suit those with a thin or angular face. If you have an oval face, wide frames would look best.

While it is true that there are a lot of trendy glasses nowadays like the oversized ones, don’t go buying them just because they are the latest trends. Go for the sunglasses that suit your face shape.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the shade of your sunglasses should match the color of the outfit you are wearing. Sunglasses in a single shade would most likely match any outfit. Choose a shade that would bring out certain colors in the clothes that you are wearing. Choose a shade in sunglasses that would also break the monotony in the color of your clothes.

It is important not to spend too much on sunglasses. You can have two or three designer brands which may be expensive but you can still find cheap ones that look good as well. If you aren’t sure yet if a particular pair of sunglasses would suit you or not choose to buy the discount ones. It is best that you invest in sunglasses that are classics and will never go out of style. For those that are just the fad, don’t spend too much on it for it will just soon end up in your drawers.

In conclusion, choose sunglasses that would flatter your face and make you look fabulous.

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