Top Locations To Visit In 2020

Top Locations To Visit In 2020

Top Locations To Visit In 2020

From surprising emerging travel destinations like South Korea and Lebanon to old favorites like Peru and New Zealand: Here are our top locations to visit in 2020 that will surely spice up your life with adventures.

Top Locations To Visit In 2020

1. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is beautifully situated on the edge of the Korean Peninsula and is home to the old Gyeongbokgung Palace. From the glittering skyline of Seoul to the breathtaking Taebaek Mountains, it is an absolute one of the top locations to visit in 2020.

South Korea is often overlooked by its larger neighbors such as Japan and China and cannot be overlooked. Do you want to explore the whole country? Check out our Korea Rail Pass and you will find that you wind your way through the lush natural landscape and immerse yourself in the quirky K-pop culture.

Must see: Bukchon Hanok Village, north of Seoul, is a preserved settlement that dates back almost 600 years. Here you will find hundreds of traditional Korean houses, Hanoks, that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. Perfect for history buffs and culture buffs who want to learn more about traditional Korean culture.

Best time to go: If you visit South Korea in spring (March – June) or autumn (September – November), you will find milder temperatures and less rainfall. If you are not interested in cold weather, the South Korean winters are ideal for skiing experiences!

Insider Tip: Visit the Gwangjang Market (광장 광장) or the Namdaemun Market (남대문 남대문) to try some of the street foods available in Seoul, such as Mayak-Kimbap and Bindaetteok.

2. Lebanon


Lebanon, one of the longest inhabited regions on earth is another one of the top locations to visit in 2020. It is full of history and timeless landscapes. Most people don’t know anything about the country’s pristine Mediterranean beaches and mountain ranges. Otherwise, they would be flooded. And the capital, Beirut, has an exciting nightlife and a killer food culture. The kitchen alone is worth a flight.

Must see: The Roman ruins of Baalbek are probably the most intact in the world. The 19 meter high columns resemble the Athens Acropolis. Before you travel, find out about the current security status of the city of Ras Baalbek.

Best time to go: Lebanon has a lot to offer all year round, but in summer (June-September) the beaches are warm and the nightlife is just as hot.

Insider tip: Like hummus? You have never experienced it like this. Try the sweet nuttiness of Lebanese baklava, where the dish was invented. Then wash off with a glass of Jallab, a summer drink made from rose water and grape molasses.

3. Taiwan


Taiwan has been on our radar for several years, but we fell in love with Taiwan even more than they legalized same-sex marriage last year. Safe and liberal, not to mention the breathtaking beauty (which its Portuguese settlers referred to as “Ilha Formosa” or “Beautiful Island”). Taiwan is an idiot for us and is one of the top locations to visit in 2020. Extra points for its bicycle infrastructure, first-class trains, uncrowded surf spots, and breathtaking national parks.

Must see: Forget Taipei 101 (Taipei’s famous skyscraper tower and the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010), immerse yourself in nature with Yushan National Park, and enjoy the view from Taiwan’s highest peak. The mountains on this island seriously deserve the hype.

Best travel time: To avoid the hot and humid tourist season (July-August), the best travel times are either April to June or September to November. Taipei’s world-famous Pride Parade usually takes place in October.

Insider tip: The Rainbow Family Village is a little out of the way, but it’s worth it for the gram. Grampa Rainbow, as he is affectionately known, began to paint his military village a little every day, which created a delightful cartoonish appeal.

4. Jordan


As a smaller and more affordable Egypt, Jordan is a winner if you are looking for sparse red deserts, exposed rock formations, and Bedouin encounters. There is also not one, but five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is only a short flight from the UK. And it was the setting for a number of great Hollywood films. If there is enough adventure for Indiana Jones, there is enough for us!

Hike through the ruins of Petra, dive in the Red Sea, and explore the capital, Amman, for less than £ 650 in a week on a G Adventures tour.

Must see: Petra. We know it’s not exactly a shock. The Treasury is believed to have been a mausoleum for a king in AD 1, but the Bedouins believed that it contained immense treasures.

Best time to go: From March to May, temperatures usually fluctuate in high teenage years, but can drop in the evening after a 32-degree day in summer. Talk about your hot and cold!

Insider tip: Floating in the Dead Sea is one of those bizarre experiences that you have to feel for yourself. This piece of blue water, the lowest of the low, is a welcome change from the red desert. If only it were that easy to swim in every ocean …

5. South Africa

south africa

Lions and leopards and rhinos … oh my god. Don’t forget elephants and buffalos. Known as the Big Five, the South African Kruger National Park is one of the best places on the continent to see these guys in action. This country is crying out for adventure because you can surf on the Eastern Cape and jump off the Bloukrans Bridge on the Garden Route. Do you want a little less adrenaline? Hiking around Cape Town is something special (we look at you, Table Mountain) and you can swim with gentle whale sharks in Sodwana Bay.

Must see: Cape Town is a city between mountains and sea. After a night in the comedy scene that brought Trevor Noah to the world, head out the next morning to greet the local penguins and head out to the incredible Lions Head Mountain.

Best travel time: May to September is the dry season in which animals gather around water holes to observe the wildlife.

Insider tip: When you swing past after the winter rain, Namaqualand comes to new life. This only happens once a year, but if fate doesn’t match, the national park is still stunning in August and September.

6. Slovenia


So you want the Italian Alps and the classic German forests? Slovenia is your answer and it is a lot cheaper. More than half of the country is still overgrown with trees, but let’s talk about castles. Ljubljana is a beautiful and typically European city with a castle proudly rising above it. However, if you prefer something less urban, Predjama Castle is for you. It was built into a classic Renaissance cave. As if the fairytale atmosphere wasn’t enough, the king was also known there as Robin Hood.

The Planica Nordic Center with the largest ski jump in the world is also located in Slovenia. Don’t want to go skiing? The center also has a wind tunnel, bike paths, and a cable car – it is the steepest in the world and (sure) gives you the feeling of being a ski jumper.

Must-see: Lake Bled is framed by mountains, lined with forests and littered with picturesque little churches that are reflected in the clear water. Hop on a paddleboard or take a leisurely stroll along the shore.

Best time to go: From May to September it is dry and ideal for hiking. But if it’s snow you’re looking for, go between December and March.

Insider tip: Velika Planina is a Nordic middle-earth with grassy plains that extend over lazy hills. An alpine plateau at 1,666 m above sea level, like hiking through the sky.

7. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is most commonly known for its cheap but snowy ski resorts, including Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo. But if you are also looking for a cheap beach holiday in Europe, you can also find it on the golden beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

New on Europe’s hipster radar is Sofia, where an emerging food, cocktail, and street art scene should be at the top of your weekend break list by 2020. When searching for jam jar cocktails, don’t forget the treasures of the old days, such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Square of Religious Tolerance.

Must see: The Belogradchik rocks are red stone towers with a fortress enthroned on them. It is difficult to tell whether the view from above or below is better – it can do both!

Best travel time: The main season lasts from April to May and from September to October. The windows may seem small, but you have sights to see and tourist attraction prices are lower.

Insider tip: The kitchen is a connection between the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Be sure to try banitsa, a pastry made with regional feta cheese and eggs. Wash it all off with a drink at a nearby Mehana (aka pub).

8. Costa Rica – Top Locations To Visit In 2020

costa rica

We love Costa Rica for its commitment to wellness and environmentally conscious tourism. By the end of 2021, it should be the first plastic-free and climate-neutral country. The towns and cities are much more eye-catching than Costa Rica’s Central American neighbors, but the urban areas don’t jeopardize the incredible biodiversity of the jungle and coastline. Look out for colorful birds and impish monkeys with over half a million stray species as you take jungle tours, yoga sessions, and surf camps.

Must see: The Arenal Volcano National Park is a beautiful beacon that glows green above the horizon. You have the largest lake in the country and dozens of waterfalls in the area, and the peeling ash is good for your skin.

Best time to go: December to April is the dry season and will undoubtedly provide the best weather, although it is a bit busier with other travelers.

Insider tip: The mantra of this country is “Pura Vida” and means “pure life”. A lot is thrown around, but it’s a call to wellbeing and wellbeing for yourself and the environment around you. Learn, live, love.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand

Welcome to Middle-earth … whoops. We mean New Zealand. With breathtaking mountain ranges and a real Hobbiton to visit, the two are basically synonymous anyway. The adventure isn’t far from windy Wellington to adrenaline-fueled Queenstown, the birthplace of bungee jumping.

Experience the Māori culture by watching the roaring haka before an All Blacks game or devouring a Māori festival in Rotorua. Show a little love for the environment by driving responsibly through the mountains in an electric motorhome that our green-obsessed friends brought to us in Britz.

Must see: Tongariro Crossing was voted one of the best day hikes in the world and used as a location in Lord Of The Rings. It is surprisingly accessible and feels miles away from civilization.

Best time to go: From March to May the crowds are thin and prices drop, but the winter cold has not yet arrived.

Insider Tip: Head south to Stewart Island to find great kiwi watching opportunities – and we mean the birds, not the locals. New Zealand’s shy, a feathered mascot is wonderfully bizarre and must be seen to be believed.

10. Great Britain

Great Britain

You’re thinking about London right now, aren’t you? We all agree that London is fabulous as it houses the Tower of London & Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, and many, many more. But worse than missing a London monument is never to leave the capital! Try the tireless Brighton and stroll across the pier or take a trip to the stylish Clifton district in Bristol. On your way to Liverpool, take a break in Wales, the Lake District for your Beatles pilgrimage, or venture further to Scotland for an incredible hike. Great Britain is one of the top locations to visit in 2020.

Must see: The British Museum is one of the wonderfully free attractions in London and full of artifacts from around the world. You could spend days here!

Best time to go: From March to May the United Kingdom sprouts with greenery and the rush of tourists does not take place until June.

Insider Tip: Glen Coe is the most popular area in the Scottish Highlands and breathtaking all year round. The grass pastures stretch and surround fearsome cliffs – a hype that is worth it.

11. Peru – Top Locations To Visit In 2020


The government sets a boundary for what number of individuals can climb the popular Inca Trail every year, except there are such huge numbers of other stunning climbs through the Andes that are less packed and help endeavors to battle over-tourism. Look at the 7-day Lares Trek, the 4-day Salkantay Trek, and the adventurous 9-day Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu. Each passes by enormous Incan destroys that is more typical than you might suspect.

Must-see: The Rainbow Mountains have as of late been revealed because of a subsiding icy mass. You’ll be remunerated after a thrilling climb as the regular minerals make technicolor stripes down the cliffsides.

Best Time to Visit: April to May and September to October is prime time to be outside and climbing under the not very unforgiving sun.

Insider Tip: Kuélap is an ecological alternative for Machu Picchu and has a beautiful view of the pretty Utcubamba Valley. Furthermore, you’ll fundamentally have the whole old town to yourself.

12. Japan


The Olympic Games are on their way and we can’t wait! Tokyo will be in full swing in 2020, but it is important that you are not blind. If you’re craving nighttime karaoke, shopping till you drop in arcades, and driving the streets in your own Mario Kart, go for Osaka this busy year.

We know you are calling nearby Kyoto and Nara, but you can help combat over-tourism by opting for the quiet Kamakura. The coastal city has hundreds of temples and shrines as well as Japan’s largest outdoor Buddha and an epic surf beach!

Must see: Drive to the five Fuji lakes. Climbing Fuji-san is okay (if not crazy full), but it can only be climbed two months a year. The lakes are open all year round and reflect Fuji in their waters on clear days.

Best time to travel: March to June are mild, typhoon-free and full of festivities to celebrate the budding of plum and cherry blossoms. The Japanese take their worship for pink tree flowers seriously with full-day picnics in Hanani.

Insider Tip: Leave town in Koya-san, a Buddhist monastery complex on the mountain where you can stay and have the same seasonal meals as the monks. The temples are extravagant, but pictures are strictly forbidden in the Okunoin temple – yes, that’s really good.

13. Turkey


Turkey is full of history and ruins and getting around is easy and cheap. We know that you are already in Istanbul and Cappadocia, because who doesn’t feel like taking a hot air balloon ride or looking for a new carpet in the local markets? But stand out from the tourist trails by exploring the ruins of the Lycian rock-cut tombs and Myra necropolis in the mountains. You can walk freely in the ornate cave dwellings that overlook the water while showing a little love for the local communities. Turkey is one of the top locations to visit in 2020.

Must-see: The Hagia Sophia of course. This museum tells you its history both as a church and as a mosque and then enchants you with its intricate calligraphy and Byzantine art.

Best time to go: From April to May and from September to November it is warm, but not too hot.

Insider tip: Immerse yourself in the natural hot springs of the Pamukkale water terraces, where white stone pools contain warm, ash-blue water. The cliffs look like they are covered with snow, but they are really between 35 and 100 degrees!

14. The Philippines – Top Locations To Visit In 2020


Get in touch with your resting beach face in the Philippines. There are over 7,000 islands of pristine beaches that will help you achieve pure Filipino happiness. After you’ve had enough of snorkeling and made friends with hundreds of fish species, take the off-road vehicle over lunar landscapes to the top of the mountain. Pinatubo and deep in the sand dunes of Paoay.

Must-see: Get to know the old practices of the Banaue tribes by walking through local northern villages and rice terraces over 2000 years old.

Best time to go: November to April is the dry season that does not threaten to rain on your parade.

Insider tip: Asik-Asik Falls only gained international attention in 2010. This lush mountain slope has dozens of beautiful waterfalls.

15. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Are you short on time? No problem! Thanks to the compact, travel-friendly size of Puerto Rico, you can do a lot within a week. Despite its small size, this island impresses with historical sights from several centuries and miles of sandy beaches. It is also one of the best places in the world to see turtles, dolphins, and blue whales. So go on an adventure at sea or volunteer for a conservation project. Definitely, is one of the top locations to visit in 2020.

Must-see: Ok, ok, we couldn’t choose one! Puerto Rico’s must-see is El Morro, a six-story 16th-century fortress that spotted frogs in the El Yunque National Rainforest.

Best time to go: mid-April to June. Historically, the best winter weather is the one with the most traffic. The rainy summer weather is typically considered low season.

Insider Tip: While most tourists go to Puerto Rico in spring or winter, the best time of year, in our opinion, is in January during the San Sebastián Street Festival in Old San Juan. There is so much to see from parades, music, dance, food, and local craftsmanship!

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