When in Austria – Must See in 1 of the Top Christmas Destinations

When in Austria

When you think of Austria, it is easy to imagine the snowy Alps and the “Sound of Music“. If you find yourself humming “do-re-mi”, perhaps it is time to order a fascinating tour of this beautiful and historic area. Maybe a trip to remember.

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Tour in Austria

Start your tour in the city of Innsbruck, the house of 2 Winter Olympic Games. Most target-hunting tours can take you to a number of the historic Olympic venues and you’ll want to select up some souvenirs whereas you’re there. Nearby is the lovely and historic town of Salzburg. Much of its design has been preserved over the centuries and there are several sites to examine. Many of the target-hunting tours of this space can show you the birthplace of Mozart, one among the foremost celebrated composers of all time.


While in Salzburg, there are a few visits that will take you to every one of the spots from the motion picture, “The Sound of Music”, including the Salzburg Cathedral, where the fundamental character is married, and the Abbey Nonnberg.


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Dominate the skies of Salzburg is Hohensalzburg Fortress, a large, white castle high on a hill above the town. At the right time of year, Mirabell Palace has a fantastic garden showplace that visitors can stroll around.


If you are interested in seeing the Alps alone, go on one of the guided tours of the area that takes you a little bit outside of Austria the right, to the majestic mountains and famous place called Berchtesgaden. This place is now a small town, quaint also is home to the historic Eagle Nest.


Excellent tour of this area will tell you that it’s the Hawks Nest retreat Hitler in the years before and during World War II. They will put you into a small bus for a hair-raising, scissors return trip up the mountain until you find yourself winding the road to the top of the mountain. The view itself is breathtaking.


Once you arrive near the summit of the mountain where Eagle Nest sits, many tours of the area will take you through a tunnel mysterious ending in gold-lift gold-yes, that Hitler himself went up and down to get to and from his retreats. At the top, you will arrive at the true peak of the mountain and you will see the villa that once belonged to Hitler. Take out your camera for unrivaled views of the surrounding mountains.


After visiting the Alps, many tours of Austria will settle in big cities and famous Vienna, Austria.  Vienna was once home to the Emperor of Austria and where Mozart lived and wrote most of his music work. Vienna is a cultural center, music, and art in Austria and there are dozens of places to visit.


For museum-goers, many tours Vienna will show the city museum quarter. The Sisi Museum is a museum centered around Queen Elisabeth of Austria and visitors can see the historic Imperial apartments and other treasures from the reign of the Queen. Hofburg is a beautiful place else. Visitors to the museum can see the spectacular imperial jewelry, dating back to the Hapsburg dynasty. In addition, the Naturhistorisches Museum, which houses many pieces of ancient art.


Do not forget the hundreds of picturesque villages and towns you can explore in Austria. Some of the tours of Austria will stop at a small restaurant, traditional far from major cities, giving you the opportunity to meet local people and tasting the local cuisine.


When in Austria - Must See in 1 of the Top Christmas Destinations 6

It is better to buy a Christmas Tour before you go! There are so many choices to see things or to visit three of the most famous area of Vienna Christmas market capital of Austria.

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