Yoga Mat Designs – Best of 2020

yoga mat

Was one of your resolutions/intentions for 2020 to move your body more? Equal! If you’re like us, getting the right clothes and equipment is great fun. A yoga mat is a great one, not just for yoga but also for any kind of floor exercises you might do. The art of society looks great too, especially the modern geometric designs we think.

Yoga Mat Designs

abstract geometric yoga mat

Abstract geometric sol print 

Yoga Mat

Abstract Shapes Autumn 

yoga mat

Lavender White Minimalist Grid Pattern 

yoga mat

Abstract geometric 01 yoga mat by The Old Art Studio

yoga mat

Shape Study # 4 – Stackable 

yoga mat

modern abstract II 

Yoga Mat Designs - Best of 2020 3

“Guitar In Abstract” (geometric Art Deco) by Absentis


phases of the moon yoga mat

Floral Phases of the Moon 

Yoga Mat Designs - Best of 2020 4

Pastel abstract from The Native State

Yoga Mat Designs - Best of 2020 5

organic/yellow by Summer Sun Home Art


Soft Blue Gradient Cubes 


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